Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wedding season begins

my friend is getting married tomorrow.
my 'kawan main2 masa sekolah' is getting engaged this 25th August.
my cousin which is 1 year younger than me is getting married after siti's event, 22nd August.

when is my wedding?
owh. is it 'biarlah rahsia' or 'aku sahaja yang tahu'?

ok. nak cakap pasal perkahwinan impian. i want to have a fairy-tale wedding. ada fairy god mother. and then ada little girls yg pakai gown - white gown. lepas tuh ada banyak bunga. owh. tak lupa ada prince charming. hoho. fantasi seorang kanak-kanak. wops. already 24, eh bukan, baru 24. still young. wooooo...

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