Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am sorry

To whom it may concern.

From last weekend until July, mintak maaf banyak-banyak sebab tak dapat attend wedding / parties yang luar dari Shah Alam dan PJ. I wish I can attend all of them, because I love meeting my long time no see friends.


My partner will be working everyday including public holiday and weekend.


Sebab mesin baru masuk and it's their 1st baby. It came all the way from Chechko. August ni lagi satu masuk, and it'd be from Japan.

Nasib badan. I think he'll need some supplement to recover his energy.

I can drive alone with Iman but not more than 45 min continuous driving. If not, hmmm... mula la nak dok kat driver (read: me). He's ok kalau nak bawak ke OU or shah 4alam, tapi make sure he is occupied. Car seat? Kadang-kadang Iman tak mau duduk, dan melalak sampai selesema dan terbatuk-batuk and can lead to muntah. Hmmmmmmm... But, he's okay kalau belah malam. Sebab ada lampu kot. Been in that situation twice (to arry's mom tahlil and fetch husband from office last night), Alhamdulillah, Iman baik-baik aja, dok kat sebelah driver sb tak nak duduk dalam car seat. Hmm, kena beli car seat baru?

Ok, itu aje. Bye.

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