Saturday, March 05, 2011


I barely know Uncle Salleh but I've met him a few times. The last time I met him was at their home at Sec 9. He said "Hello..." without knowing it was me, not his Ashraf. It was my 1st time met him after quite a long time.

Heard a lot about his health condition from Aishah, my closest friend at work. The stories remind me to my late dad. Almost 90% like my late dad condition, a few months before he passed away.

And yesterday, Aishah texted me that her dad was having heart attack and in 'nazak' condition. An hour later, she texted me that he passed away. I was in the car with the other 2 colleagues. We just had lunch. And I just had thought to visit him tomorrow (today I mean) before I off to Nilai. I couldn't hold my tears.

We went to ziarah at the hospital. Jenazah was waiting to be brought to surau. Together with me were CL, KA, KM and Sha. I could not stay longer in the room. I didn't not want to cry looking at the nicely covered jenazah. We don't have any blood relationship but I've been in that situation in 2009 and it was like a playback to me. Oh my, I missed my dad.

Takziah Aishah, auntie and Firdaus. I am so sorry for your loss. *hugs*. Sorry I could not stay longer at the tahlil. Iman was jumping here and there.


aieesha.salleh said...

thanks dear. I knew that when you shed your tears, mu ingat ke arwah ayoh mu gok. Sebab they have a similar kinda illness. Thanks for being there all these time dear.

Wafaa said...

sama-sama. Tido mana?