Friday, September 16, 2011


Colleague dan kawan adalah 2 term berbeza. Colleague adalah lebih kepada officemate. Aku ada ramai colleague tapi ada sorang je kawan. But since she left for some reason, now, I don't have any gossip partner cum kawan merayap cum kawan breakfast kat luar ikut suka hati nak keluar pukul berapa cum kawan yg boleh cerita kalau bengang atau menyampah kat sape2 kat office cum kawan merayap gi mana2 kalau tiba2 rasa stress kat office cum kawan yg aku share more than a lot. Terasa hati, tak puas hati, sentap tu biasa lah dalam lumrah hidup, lagi-lagi bila cakap pasal persahabatan. She's more to sahabat than colleague/officemate to me.

It's hard to digest that the place next to me is unoccupied. Kosong je meja tu. No more papers yang selamba aku boleh ambik dan conteng. Only at 2.30am I woke up and realize that I lost a friend at my office, a place where I spent my 8 hours a day. I didn't expect that I'll turn out this way. Emotional. Yes. That's the correct word. We know each others' ups and downs. It's not that we are not going to see each other again, but I used to see her everyday (walaupun dia tu selalu MC and EL. LOL. Kidding).

I know the decision that she made was hard. I can say that I'm the only one who know why she's leaving. Just go friend. Do what ever you want. Make a move for your beloved ones. Only if they know your reason, I bet they'll thank you.

Good luck and take care. Love.

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