Sunday, October 17, 2010

Potong kek 2 - super late entry

Let's put in point form.

  • the lovely and delicious Mickey Mouse cake was from lea oven.
  • the cake was so heavy.
  • Ordered on Tuesday and collect on Saturday, after jalan-jalan kat Sunway Pyramid :p
  • i get help from a friend. She got me some samples of MM cakes from www. I choose which I like most, combine here and there and email to kak Lea.
  • the MM characted was 100% in jelly.
  • the side of the cake was edible image.
  • after 2 hours, separuh cake habis
  • I cannot tapau sebab tinggal sikit sangat. Sangat laku :p


  • main menu made was soto. made by my 1st SIL.
  • I only made blueberry cheese tart, 2 flav of dadih and trifle. they were surprised to know that i made all the food by myself.. kekeke..
  • buah oren tak laku. Only watermelon licin.
  • dadih yang tak habis were brought to kak Maimon, the in-law's neighbor yang buat open house belah malamnya. She treated us with some home made sate, ayam & kambing panggang yang sangat sedap. Sate dia adelah terbaekkk.. slurppp.
  • Alhamdulillah semua food habis :p

Behind the scene:
  • it was on 9th oct, at sil house, pck aL4m
  • aku tak plan untuk buat birthday celebration untuk Iman sampai 2 kali.
  • honestly, it is a small request from bday boy's nenek.
  • I dont take this as cincai thing. So, preparation walaupon ala kadar, had to be done.
  • some simple party pack for kids. Glad to see their happy faces.
  • this time, party cum 2nd open house kot (for sil). Only for neighbor2 keliling rumah.
  • lesson learn from last year's party. macam serik je nak buat party kat apartment. Hahahaha.. so, next year, harap2 ada orang nak sponsor rumah lagi. Hehehe...
Ok, tu je. Eh, no, the celebration continues. Maklumlah, october is our month of celebration. Birthday Iman and our wedding anniversary. Will post about the other celebration. Hmmm.. celebration ke? Ntah. Nanti free tulis lagi. Nak iron baju keje :p See you later. Assalamualaikum.


aieesha.salleh said...

kalau buat celebration kat landed property, memang best. sebab:
1. rumah agak besar
2. ada ruang untuk kanak2 berlari riang
3. space untuk makanan adalah sangat sangat luas :)

Anonymous said...

wafaa..tu blueberry cheese tart kah??? ko buat? ada recipe?

haih..cmne nak diet cmni?? pantang nmpk mknan..

Wafaa said...

Aishah: ya betul. Landed property ada banyak ruang. It's not that tak nak buat kat rumah sendiri tapi limited space. kesian kat guests nanti.

Imah: Tepat sekali. Tu blueberry cheese tart. Nak resepi ek? Nanti aku email.

Kancilbiru said...

wow kek tu cantik sangat....

Kancilbiru said...

wafaa, aku pun nak resipi blueberi tu...dia punya kulit tu nak buat camna? hehehe