Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The spoiler

Currently watching The Amazing Race S17. My fav team - the doctors team (Nat & Kat) and father/son team (Michael & Kevin). Dua2 team tu, I can said, innocent and good people. Not saying that other team is not good people but they're so nice to each other, so far.

I know it's not good to peek the final result. Enough said that the doc team doing great, up until 5 episodes. And the father/son team will be on top 3 :)

Read the spoiler.

TARA 4, tak ada team yang menarik untuk aku follow. Tapi tengok jugak. So far, I like most is season 2. Anyway, happy racing.

And.... eat pray love. Nak tengok. Why? Because of Julia Roberts :p

Tu aje buat masa sekarang.

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