Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goodbye and hello

A few things happened in 2010. Let's put in point form (in random order)

  • Iman turn 2
  • 3 years of marriage and counting.
  • 1 year since my dad passed away. Shed on tears for a couple of times. I missed him.
  • 1 sister got married and one got engaged.
  • End of this year, I got one beautiful niece, Aila.
  • Career - upgraded after 4 years. Alhamdulillah.
  • Career - got new mat salleh CIO.
  • Career - hello ERP.
  • 2x bonus. Hehe.
  • Bought our 2nd house. Officially, 2nd account of EPF turn zero and we have to start fresh all over again.
  • Changed to Nokia after 5 years.
  • Gaji pengasuh increased to RM300. Sigh.
  • Family vacation during 2010 CNY. Organized by mama.
  • Mama ke Mekah, musim haji 2010.

Looking forward for 2011.
  • Iman will be 3 y.o in 10 months.
  • Career wise - a busy year. Hello SAP.
  • A vacation. Carry forward dari tahun lepas. Tiap2 tahun pon aku carry forward.
  • Not planning for 2nd kid. Let Allah swt plan for us.
  • Last year of my 20s of age.
  • Seriously, I have to manage my money wisely. Gaji tak banyak pon, duit jugak tu.
  • Bayar hutang sebanyak mungkin. Read: loan belajar. Kesian sungguh.
  • Standard harapan - better hamba kepada-NYA.
Ok, get back to sleep.



Anonymous said...

oh..happy new year! :)

sgt best dpt bonus 2X :) and congratulation sbb naik pangkat. :)

Wafaa said...

Naik grade je, naik pangkat tu tak de la :)

Counting for Suri's day?

Anonymous said...

yup..and rasa sedih she's gonna be 1 soooo soon..cepatnye!!!

Wafaa said...

Akhir tahun Iman pulak turn 3 y.o. Oh mannn..