Thursday, April 28, 2011

Choc cheese berry from Secret Recipe

Newly launched of Secret Recipe - Choc Cheese Berry. Itu kot nama dia. Super sedap.

4 layers, including topping and base. Topping is blueberry with chocolate, followed by cheese and chocolate. Sedapnya. And the base is the crunchy chocolate base.

We can find some berries in the cake. It makes cheese not so 'muak'.

Tapi malangnya, tak semua franchise ada. Salah satu yang ada adalah Casa Tropicana. Thank you boss for the 3 slices of super sedap cheesecake.


aieesha.salleh said...

3 slice for the whole bunch ke? or 3 slice per person? hahahha

Wafaa said...

3 slice utk semua. kitorang main makan dgn sudu dari kotak kecik tu.