Thursday, April 22, 2010

Full House

Now, my music player is playing one of my all time favorite song ~ soundtrack Full House, Korean drama yang paling aku suka.

And now, feels like watching Full House.

On AI8, the only reality program yang aku rasa masih valid dan relevant (i dont watch AF anymore, walaupon pengetua dia norman ~ yeaahh, aku suka KRU), i missed the Crystal Bowersox performance last night. Time dia perform, aku sibuk attend Iman kat dapur. Ye, u read it right, kat dapur. He is my 'assistant', peneman aku di dapur. Back to ms Bowersox, let's pray for her to stay in the show. Lagi bagus kalau dia dapat masuk final. Extra bagus kalau dapat jadi the next winner :)


ain alida said...

Full House tersgt best!!! two thumbs up !!

Crystal mmg best, suara and style dier one of a kind...

syuhada said...

dulu selalu menumpang cd org tengok Full house non-stop. hehe!

Wafaa, ada award for u.. :)

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Wafaa said...

Ain: kasi double 2 thumbs up utk Full House :)

Aidat: Award? Aww.. comel. Nanti aku tepek deh