Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Faris Fakri, a talented photographer

Faris Fakri.

Cerita lah sikit ye.
  • Secara tak sengaja terjumpa nama dia masa aku sibuk dok cari photographer masa nak kawin dulu. Back in 2007.
  • Updates on twitter and fb
  • recently discover that he is good friend to my old good friend's younger brother. The sister is Intan and the brother is Hafiz.
Go and visit his official website. Gorgeous photo waiting for you.

Note: Free promotion, tak de sape suruh pon


efa fairuz said...
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Wafaa said...

aikk.. hari tu ada komen. tak dop pulok? hihii

Faris Fakri said...

This is very nice of you. Thank you Wafaa. Keep spreading the words among your family and friends! :-D

Would you like to have a family portrait with me one day maybe? It's end of year 2010 promotion ;-)