Friday, July 01, 2011

Off to North (Kedah)

We'll be going to Kedah for husband's cousin's wedding. The akad nikah is tonight. Manage not to sleep at Puncak Alam and the result is 2 round of laundry. Ha, kan elok tu.

I packed all of our clothes in 1 big luggage only. Malas nak bawak beg baju asing. Toiletries tak masuk lagi sebab nak guna pagi ni. Harap tak de la tertinggal. But, I have issue when it comes to packing. Always bring extra clothes which end up tak pakai pon. Tak reti nak packing sikit.

I'll be missing tweeting. No Internet connection. Tapi kalau rindu, aku guna je DiGi. Hehe. Ok, see u later. Pray for our safe journey. Love & hugs.

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